KATZWIJM is a studio, a record label and sometimes they brew beer. Over the last twenty five years more than a thousand bands recorded their music in what started as an empty flower bulb shed under the name Next to Jaap Studio and over the years turned into a wonderful multi functional analogue & digital studio. Situated in the middle of the famous Dutch flower region called ‘de Bollenstreek’, many artists have raved about the great atmosphere and the ‘breeze of fresh air’ that found its way to their hearts, minds and music.

KATZWIJM is more than a studio, it’s a collective. What once was started by Corno Zwetsloot, who also played in many bands and was part of the lively underground scene in the Netherlands, was taken over by a group of friends, fellow musicians and studio producers, who had promised Corno to keep the studio alive and kicking after he sadly passed away in 2014.

KATZWIJM as a collective releases CDs, LPs, cassettes on their KATZWIJM RECORDS label. A yearly festival and the monthly beer-and-music Sundays have made the place a home base for musicians from al over The Netherlands and beyond. Just twenty minutes outside Amsterdam and half an hour drive from Rotterdam makes it literally the centre of the Lowlands indie rock universe. Bands like The Ex, Tramhaus, Personal Trainer, HOWRAH, Space Siren, The Sweet Release of Death, Zea, The Avonden, I am Oak, Altin Gun, It Dockumer Lokaeltsje all have recorded here, as well as international acts like Slumberland (Belgium), King Ayiosba (Ghana), Jrpjej & Zaur Nagoev (Russia) One Sentence. Supervisor (Switserland), Cosse (France) and Fendika (Ethiopia).

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